Make a Celebration!

We encourage creativity in how you plan your Openly Secular Day Celebration, but there are some things we hope you’ll take advantage of to make it as successful as possible!


    Openly Secular Day is November 15th, 2016! Make sure that your event is legal by having it in a public forum, or another place that you’ve reserved for the 15th. Many schools require prior notice and approval for demonstrations, and may restrict the place, time, and manner in which they can be conducted if you’re having it on a campus. Be aware of the regulations at your site, and be sure to have any necessary documentation on your person the day of to prove that your event is in compliance.

    These celebrations are meant to be just that, a celebration! Openly Secular Day is not the time or place to be hostile towards or protest religion. Remember, the celebration is meant to spread awareness that being Openly Secular is okay, and to let those who are not open know that there are others like them in their community. Keep that mission in mind to make Openly Secular Day a success!


    Get some official Openly Secular Day swag at our store, or color coordinate with what you already have. The Openly Secular colors are orange and blue, so wear what you have in those colors to make sure you’re noticeable!


    More people will attend if there is a way to participate, so set up a visible and interactive Openly Secular Wall! This can be anything from a chalk or dry-erase board to a large sheet of paper spread out so that people can write that they are Openly Secular, or write questions. It also gives attendees a chance to share their stories so that others can read later. At the end, you can find a forum to display the results, or smash through the paper to symbolize decreasing stigma towards secular worldviews. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos!


    Invite some local community members to give speeches at your event. Speakers can be anyone from leaders in your local secular communities to religious leaders that are allies to being Openly Secular. Educate passersby about Famous Freethinkers that have influenced society, and highlight ways secular people have been and are discriminated against. By raising awareness and acknowledging problems, we may better combat them.


    The Secular Student Alliance has special resources for students to help them make a Celebration on their campus. These include fliers, tabling supplies, a student-specific press release template and more. Make sure to create an event for your group and let the Secular Student Alliance know about it!