Tell Us How It Went!

If being open was a part of the Tell One Person pledge, make sure to fill out your follow up questionnaire so we can see how it went! Your feedback will help us determine how successful some methods of being open are, and may help others who cannot yet be open themselves.

  • Are you Openly Secular? Support others!

    You may already be open, but there’s still a lot of work to be done! Take the Tell One Person pledge, and make an effort to think of and open up to one person who doesn’t know you’re secular. Or tell a total stranger! Let others who may not yet be Openly Secular know about the toolkits available to help them open up. Be sure to share your story by making a youtube video or Vine, or by posting about it on Twitter and Facebook. The more you share, the more likely you are to help someone else become Openly Secular!

  • Are you an Ally? Show your support!

    Congratulations! You are someone who knows that people can believe differently, and still get along! At Openly Secular, we firmly believe that no one is better or worse than anyone for believing or being secular. It’s your actions that matter most, and you can help be one of the strongest voices for change to help others become Openly Secular. Create a video about your commitment to being an ally for secular individuals while remaining committed to your faith. Share the special Ally sign as a picture or change your social media profile pic so that others know you’re someone a secular person can trust. Lastly, take the Tell One Person pledge, and let us know why you think it’s important to be a force of positive change for those trying to be Openly Secular