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Muslim Refugees Are Welcome by This Godless Atheist

By Staks Rosch President Trump has attempted to ban Muslims from several foreign nations, including Syrian refugees, from entering the United States. The federal court has temporarily issued a stay against Trump’s Executive Order. Not surprisingly, religious leaders and believers are mixed on whether or not the United States should welcome Syrian refugees and Muslims in […]

How Ex-Mormons Are Defying The LDS Church With Selfies

By Jennings Brown Over the last week, hundreds of former members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have posted photos of themselves on an ex-Mormon corner of Reddit in an act of rebellion, a celebration of freedom from the restraints of the LDS Church, and an unshielded, open-armed welcome for people considering abandoning their […]

Why Atheists in Kenya Want February 17 Declared a Public Holiday

By Sylvania Ambani The Atheists in Kenya Society is asking the government to declare February 17 a public holiday to celebrate the “freedom” that the non-believers’ body offer. In a letter addressed to interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery, the society said it was their constitutional right to receive equal treatments, equal protection and benefits of […]