Muslim Refugees Are Welcome by This Godless Atheist

In this June 2, 2009 photo, the Statue of Liberty is seen in New York harbor. The crown is set to open July 4 after being closed since shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

(AP Photo/Richard Drew)

By Staks Rosch

President Trump has attempted to ban Muslims from several foreign nations, including Syrian refugees, from entering the United States. The federal court has temporarily issued a stay against Trump’s Executive Order. Not surprisingly, religious leaders and believers are mixed on whether or not the United States should welcome Syrian refugees and Muslims in general. There are Christian leaders and believers who quote the Bible both for and against allowing Muslim refugees into America. Jewish leaders are similarly conflicted especially because Jews and Muslims have been fighting over the divine deed to a worthless patch of desert, and yet American Jews are also sympathetic because of their history from the last century of being the refugees after the Second World War.

I’m sure there are atheists on both sides of this debate as well. I can’t speak for the entire atheist community because atheism isn’t a shared belief system with a shared holy book or shared doctrine. It is merely the lack of belief in an idea that has absolutely no evidence and seems to fly directly in the face of logic and reason.

However, with that in mind, many godless heathens have found themselves sharing certain common values like a love of science, logic, and reason. Many atheists do seem to share the values of secular humanism and base our morality around the evolutionary adaptation of human empathy and compassion.

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