Buck Bowen – Openly Secular

Rapper Buck Bowen has a message for secular people everywhere – be out and open as soon as you’re ready! There are secular communities all over to help you and give you a sense of community, and a secular world is a great world for everyone.

Buck Bowen is a freethinking, motivational mc with a lyrical appetite for skeptical inquiry and self-development. If he’s not manscaping the middlebrow’s beliefs about reality, he’s inflating the tires of their lackadaicycle.
His new album Reality Check is available for free download: https://goo.gl/SwS01S



Hello and what’s up?
I’m Openly Secular but, you can call me Buck
I’m here for you whenever you need me
As a source of inspiration to speak freely

But it’s not always easy, so calculate the risk
And if now isn’t the right time then wait a little bit
Prepare yourself well before you do it
You can check Openly Secular dot org for a toolkit

It’ll help you see the benefits
Of living openly with your loved ones and many friends
And yes the truth can be hard
But never apologize for who you are!

Cause we don’t, need a supreme-being to be mean or normal
Educate the people who think your position is immoral
And have no fear if you’ve lost your faith
Come join the secular community cause here you’ve got a place

Where you can be at ease
Feel liberated and have greater access to support communities
And if you want to get involved and be an activist
Then let me wrap with this

You should read, study, get an education
Become a brick of knowledge in the wall of separation
Between church and state like Jefferson
Because a secular government offers the best protection for everyone

© 2015 Buck Bowen