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Jason Bush - Openly Secular

Jason is the President of a Psychology Group, and he’s Openly…
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Dilpreet Randhawa - Openly Secular

Dilpreet builds robots, and he’s Openly Secular! Dilpreet found…
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John de Lancie - Openly Secular

John de Lancie (Star Trek’s “Q”) tells us why he’s proud…
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Wayne Barlowe - Openly Secular

Wayne Barlow is an acclaimed author, illustrator, and film concept…
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Dan Garatea - Openly Secular

Dan is a scientist, a teacher, and he is Openly Secular! He became…

Alessandro Getzel - Openly Secular

Alessandro is a high school student from Brooklyn and he is Openly…
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Jennifer Yi - Openly Secular

Jennifer Yi is a research biologist from Seattle. She is also…

PJ Meyer - Openly Secular

PJ Meyer is an IT Engineer. He is also Openly Secular!