Openly Secular Allies with Interfaith Alliance

The Openly Secular campaign is honored to announce that Interfaith…

U.S. Corporations Should Ask Boy Scouts: Why Are Nonreligious Boys Still Unwelcome?

Following the vote Monday by the Boy Scouts of America to end its ban on gay leaders, a group of secular Americans has a message for the the corporations that stopped funding BSA due to their biases: do not donate again until everyone is welcome in the Boy Scouts.

Welcome to the “Trippy” Openly Secular World of Wayne Barlowe

Author, illustrator, film concept artist and screenwriter Wayne Barlowe recently made a video for Openly Secular, featuring images of his phantasmagorical artwork.

Leader of Conservative Baptist Seminary Supports Openly Secular

Evangelical Christians and secular people are not typically known for sticking up for each other. Most would not expect evangelicals to speak out in support of a campaign like Openly Secular, with its mission to eliminate discrimination and increase acceptance by getting secular people to be open about their beliefs.

The Rise of the Secular Vote

Recently, two studies have been released that affirm the number of nonreligious Americans is rising. For several years, the percentage of secular Americans has been increasing rapidly and the media has been reporting on it. But dig a little deeper, and it becomes abundantly clear that this new data is fundamentally different and demonstrates a significant shift in the hearts and mind of American citizens, and critically, American voters.

First Annual Openly Secular Day: A Historic Event and a Resounding Success

Last Thursday was the first annual Openly Secular Day—and the level of participation significantly exceeded all expectations. Atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, secular Americans and their supporters from all across the United States gathered online and at more than a dozen locations nationwide.